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May the Lord bless you and all those dear to you. We will keep your intentions very much in our hearts and prayer.


I'd appreciate it if you could please pray for my dad who is having surgery today. Please pray for him to stay alive, stay healthy and have a good recovery. Also for me to look after him well and to get my life in order after he's better.
Please pray for the Born of the Spirit Retreat occurring this weekend at Franciscan University of Steubenville, for a renewal of the Holy Spirit, and for a full immersion into the Anointing. Please also pray for open hearts.
Please pray for my grown sons, and my husband and I, that we may put aside all of the hurt from past years and start again as a family. Please pray that I can silence my mind with outside distractions and just be one with God. I hear him, but I’m not really listening. Two of my aunts are Sisters in the United States. Last year they both celebrated 60 years. Sister Donna Shanahan and Sister Darlene Shanahan (Sister Patricia Rose) are their names. They are both a huge blessing to me. I was instantly drawn to you when I saw your video on YouTube.

Thank you,
Catherine Greene
Vermont, United States
Please pray for my husband to heal from his illness of myasthenia gravis. We are both lLay Carmelites. Found your blog tofay and love your blog and website. THANK YOU
Peggy Ashe
Thanking you dear Sister's for your prayers for Frank my brother in law. I have told Frank you are praying for him; he is grateful and wants you to continue to pray for him and help him.
Thank you for your kind helpful words to me.
God Bless You All in your work.
Cora xx
Please pray for Martin & Val Sculley, married for 61 years, as Martin is almost ready to begin his journey back to Our Lord and ask for strength to be given to Val as she helps his every need. God watch over and bless them both
Pls. pray for my total healing from severe dental issues, thanks and God bless
Please pray for the life and soul of Dustin Collins and courage, strength, perseverance, and faith for his mother Kim Collins.
For a teenage girl with serious emotional problems and the people who are enabling her. Also for her parents, doctor and therapist.
She started on antidepressants several weeks ago and a lot of “stuff” is bubbling to the surface.
Her parents are literally sick with fear.
Home life is dreary and sad and scary.
Please pray for the Born of the Spirit Retreat Fall 2019 Nov 8th-10th
Please pray for healing for my friend Whitney to cure her lupus. Please forgive me if this is a duplicate (or other multiple) request, but I do so appreciate your prayers. Thank you!
I would like ask you sisters to pray for my friend Agnieszka, who's mental state is very bad she is suffering depression and panic attacks. Now hospitalised as new medication don't work properly.
Thank you
For the spiritual healing of my family and children, specially my son Kolbe.
Please pray for healing for Mike. His kidneys need to start working.

Thank you all.
Healing Prayers please
Please pray for the healing of Rosie. A senior in high school at St. Cecilia Academy, in Nashville, TN, as she battles rhabdomyosarcoma, a muscle cancer that has metastasized to parts of her bone.
Please pray for my mother, Teresita, who is confined in the hospital for kidney stone & UTI. Lord, please lower her creatinine. Please make her well. Please make her procedure on Friday successful. I also ask for you to bless my father, Ric, who is taking care of her. Amen.
Dearest sisters,

Would you please pray for my brother James Robert Floyd in California who is departing this world. His death at age 65 from prostate cancer is imminent. His six brothers and sisters will miss him so. Thank you.
Dear Sisters,

Could you please pray for the Venezuelan people that are passing through very difficult time?
May God protect and guide us to recover our democracy , freedom and the love of God through Christ our Lord?

Thank you, and may God continue to bless you in your holy work.
Please pray for the youth ministry of St Andrew the Apostle church that we can find the 30 caring faithful adults needed to work with our middle school and high school youth. We want to identify them by mid July.

Please pray for Father Gabriel Richard High School in Ann Arbor that we can recruit and retain faithful, dedicated, competent math and other staff needed for our upcoming school year.
For my son Jonathan. In gratitude for prayers answered. For continued protection and healing
Dear Sisters,

Could you please pray that my husband and I might conceive a healthy child to raise up in the Church?

Thank you, and may God continue to bless you in your holy work.
Dear sister, you are so great and I love yo so much. Please pray for my vocation of the religious life. Amen.
And I want to say the song Psalm 71 grail translation v.7 is very beautiful, I want to hear it, do you know it.
Thank you and hope you have a good health.
Ann, from Vietnam.
For the continued healing and deliverance of my son Jonathan. Gratitude for prayers answered and continue prayers for his recovery mentally and spiritually. Thank you and God Bless. I will pray for your community
Please pray for two men named Brad and Greg who
are receiving cancer treatment.
Thank you and God's blessings to you, Sisters.
For Jesus sake Please veryyy URGENT pray for me M. Mary R. and all my family, my relatives and all those I ought to pray for, for God's will. And for the soul of my mother Nedime R and all her dear family living and deceased. God the Almighty will reward you for all your prayers for us because God will be Glorified. Mufide Mary R
Special intention for April 7th
I ask for prayers for serious health problems that do not give me strength to work. For the reopening of the family restaurant and debt collection. Prayers for family problems with my husband.
Lucia from Italy
Please pray for an outpouring of the holy spirit for a retreat that is lead by students and teachers for March 29-31. Thank you! God Bless!
I ask for your powerful prayers for intercession for Gage, for the healing of all the bad memories he has from the abuse, for the torments he experiences from those memories, and for his parents, for their conversion so that they may be able to help him heal and recover from it. That the Lord may shine the Holy Spirit on all of them, and for the healing of my children, husband, and Jane and Garrison. Thank you for your prayers
Dear Discalced Carmelite Sisters,
Thank you for sharing this website and the beauty and grace of your life in Carmel with those of us outside the walls. As a Secular Discalced Carmelite (OCDS) it gives me great joy to have an experience of this part of our Carmelite family. I will continue to pray for you and ask that you remember the seculars in your prayer also. God be gracious and let His face shine upon you. Much love in Jesus, Mary and Carmel.
Dear Discalced Carmelite Sisters,
Thank you for sharing this website and the beauty and grace of your life in Carmel with those of us outside the walls. As a Secular Discalced Carmelite (OCDS) it gives me great joy to have an experience of this part of our Carmelite family. I will continue to pray for you and ask that you remember the seculars in your prayer also. God be gracious and let His face shine upon you. Much love in Jesus, Mary and Carmel.
Please continue to pray for my intentions, specially for healing of body, soul, and spirit of my children, Gage, and his parents, Jane and Garrison and my extended family, as well as my husband, for his job, and for myself and my upcoming skin cancer surgery. For the young people that have psychological issues, for the abused children, and for the conversion of souls to God, specially the above mentioned. For our legal paperwork, that we may have an answer soon, and for whatever we need prayers for. Thank you for your storming heaven for us. God bless you.
Please pray for my sister Melinda that she breaks her ties with the occult and their practices. That she ask God for forgiveness and comes back to the His holy church.
I edited a video that was originally uploaded by Miranda Tasker and Marcus Nield. Should the monastery or the original producers not wish to have their video edited, please contact me and I shall remove the video from YouTube.
* I was unable to post the YouTube link due to the site 'not allowing any links'
Thank you very much for your time and consideration. The Carmelite Monastery are in our prayers.
Dear sisters,
I was just watching a you tube video from your channel. I really did enjoy it and I would have loved to have heard more from the old sister. You all radiate such beauty. I thank you for all your sacrifices and all your prayers. And please forgive me if I offend anyone when I say that the sister speaking to the older sister is very beautiful. P.S. The older sister is correct the world is a mess, I often wonder what the saints and ascetics of yesterday would think if they were alive today to see how corrupt the world has become, almost everything seems bent towards living a satanic lifestyle, people seem to be worshiping vanity more than God, child drag queens are a thing and the movies brainwash people with the ideas that evil is good and heroic . The world truly is in need your prayers.
If the monastery should seek any help in any way, please contact me at your convenience.
We truly love the nuns of the Carmelite order, as their beauty and love for Our Eternal Light is magnified in the presence of Jesus. Surely, their reward is far greater than any can imagine. They are with us always and we send our love to the monastery.

May Jesus look upon each of you with favor, kindness, mercy, and love. We have directed our prayers to the Most High for all attached to the Carmelite Monastery. As the nuns of the monastery have placed their faith in Him, He shall save his jewels for eternity. We also await for the redemption of our bodies, namely our soul at the transfiguration.

Please pray for our parish's upcoming youth ministry retreat, Feb 15-17 2019. We have about 75 kids going and 25 adults! Pray that their hearts are set free and that they encounter the saving Love of Jesus Christ!
Dearest Sisters,
I ask for prayers for healing for me, as later this month I have to undergo surgery to remove a complex cyst from my left kidney.

Thank you and God Bless you all. JMJ
Please pray with me that the love of God would ever be on my mind and heart. Please pray that I will be used by God to help others experience the same. Thank you for praying with Christ for the whole world. Much love, Cheri
Dear Sisters,
Please pray for God's miracle in regards to my health. I have been suffering constantly with health challenges for the last 18 months due to viral infection. Only God heals, and am in need of your group prayers for Jesus to intervene and help me.Amen
Best Regards
Greetings from Ireland to you all,
Please pray for my wife Ina O'Brien who is suffering from Alzheimer's and getting worse by the day, please pray that we will be able to care for her at home as long as possible, please God.
Please pray for my brother Father Joseph O'Brien a retired catholic priest who also is suffering from Alzheimer's, please pray that thinks will improve for him, please God.
Many thanks and God's Blessing on you all.
John O'Brien from Ireland.
Dear Sisters,

Please pray for Betty who is dying of cancer.

Thank you and God's blessings,
Dear Sisters,
Please pray for Ashton.
Thank you and God bless!
Intentions for Prayers for my healing from all symptoms of this ms thank you 🙏🏻
please help me to break financial curses upon family & please help me to restore financial blessing upon family.
Dear Sisters, please pray for my family. Ask that God protect us at this time. We are trying to split from our business partners who are proving themselves to be dishonest and greedy and wicked. The worry is too much. Keep my husband strong, clear minded and sharp. We also have a small child. Please pray that all will be well for us and that the Holy Spirit will protect us at this time and give us strength. In God I trust. Bless you all. Thank you for any prayers you are able to offer up for us. Thank you. Amen
Please pray for my thirty-five year old son who went to Mass with me last week for the first time since he went off to college. He didn't receive Holy Communion, but he came on his own without urging from me. I want him to fully embrace our Catholic Faith. After attending parochial grade and high school he refused Confirmation and remains stubbornly outside the Church. I've prayed thousands of rosaries and untold novenas for him to no avail. I am getting discouraged! Thank you, dear Sisters.
I request you to Pray for my Health and well being