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Feast of All Carmelite Saints 2021

Posted on 14th November, 2021


Some thoughts of a sister which might be applicable for today, which should've been the feast of all Carmelite Saints:
As Jesus went willingly and with full love to the Cross, must not we, in our poverty (with currently few young vocations to Carmel in this country), do the same?
Is this not an opportunity for practising just that same faith, hope and love that St Teresa practised, in the size and foolishness of our caring tasks, to thrill us in leaning on the Lord heavily, almost as if He does it all?
Some of our Carmelite Saints
To me, it certainly seems like that, as we continue our lives deeply immersed in prayer and community. The joy of this moment to stand back and say, 'Stop and consider the wonderful deeds of the Lord' and 'on this holy mountain the Lord provides'. Blessed be God!

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