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Good Shepherd (or Vocations) Sunday 2021

Posted on 25th April, 2021


Hello! Just a little sharing about discernment – We are all given a mission in this life and our happiness is in doing it. We all have a uniquely brilliant vocation and need to ask God to reveal it to us and He will. By Baptism He gave us His Gift, the Holy Spirit, to be used by us to know His plan and, in joy, fulfil it in every circumstance – God is Eternally Radiant and we, in Him, can shine with His light and love. The distance, one preacher said, to finding the answer is the distance between your knee and the floor! So, bend the interior ‘knee’ of your heart before Him and worship and ask. Just imagine, if we all did this, the whole world would light up with Heavenly Love and the Kingdom of God break out! Let us start doing His will as it may happen in our lifetime. Failing often is not an obstacle because we simply try again!Christ, the Good Shepherd

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