Scripture Passages to Assist in Vocation Discernment

Some suggested passages from the Scriptures that are connected with the theme of vocation, and the special gifts for which one could pray:

(For your convenience, you can click on any of the readings below to link to a page giving the actual text from the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible.)

a) Genesis 12:1-9 The call of Abram - Pray for the gift of alertness to respond

b) Exodus 3:1-15 The call of Moses - Pray for a sense of purpose and mission

c) Judges 6:11-24 The call of Gideon - Pray for the grace to trust in God's Word and in the power of His strength

d) 1 Samuel 3:1-10 The call of Samuel - Pray for the gift of listening to God's voice

e) 1 Samuel 16:1-13 The call of David - Pray for the gift of seeing beyond appearances to the heart

f) Isaiah 6:1-8 The call of Isaiah - Pray for a sense of God's holiness and power

g) Jeremiah 1:4-10 The call of Jeremiah - Pray for a sense of God's unique plan for each person

h) Jonah 1:1-4:11 The call of Jonah - Pray for the gift of courage not to flee from God's call

i) Luke 1:26-38 The call of Mary - Pray for the grace of humility in accepting God's Will

j) Matthew 3:13-17 The Baptism of Jesus - Pray for a sense of joining in the mission of Jesus through our own baptism

k) Luke 5:1-11 The call of the first four Disciples - Pray for a sense of excitement at the task of spreading the Gospel

l) Mark 2:13-17 The call of Levi - Pray for the gift to be able to accept one's weaknesses and the continual need for repentance

m) Luke 6:12-16 The choosing of the twelve Apostles - Pray for wisdom in discerning God's Will

n) Luke 10:1-12,16-20 The mission of the Seventy - Pray the Lord of the harvest to send us into His harvest

o) Mark 10:17-31 The rich young man - Pray for detachment from all that keeps us from Jesus

p) Luke 19:1-10 The conversion of Zacchaeus - Pray for the grace to respond generously to God's call