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May the Lord bless you and all those dear to you. We will keep your intentions very much in our hearts and prayer.


I recently watched 'Life In Hidden Light'. I am so thankful for this video because I am now aware of the wonderful love and all the prayers which pour out of your blessed community. The Sisters are full of wisdom and peace very seldom seen in the world today. You are all in my prayers for your steadfast commitment to our Lord. I agree with what the Sisters spoke of in the documentary: Truth and sifting through what we are told using discernment, prayer is something that God does that we are open to, loving Jesus and giving ourselves to Him, the Spirit fills everything and being sparks of light, and how the world is a mess when people take God out of it as He created us to love us and for us to love Him. Thank you all so very much for these words and for your knowledge. I will take these teachings with me and carry them in my heart. God richly bless you all.
Very interesting website. I especially enjoyed the 'Life in Hidden Light' video.

Please pray for a Polish man with young children who is very distressed about the state of his marriage and whose life seems to be falling apart.