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St Teresa of Jesus - 15th October 2020

Posted on 15th October, 2020


St Teresa of Jesus

Wishing all our friends and followers a very happy and blessed feast of Our Holy Mother, St Teresa!


"Oh, what great happiness to be granted this holy peace which compels the soul to wage war on the whole world, whilst remaining at peace in perfect security... It consists in being united to God's will in such a way that there is no distinction between God's will and the soul's - they are one in reality, not merely in words and desire. So ardent is the Bride's love and in longing to please her Beloved, that nothing can stop her once she understands that by doing something she can serve Him better... O strong love of God! I really do believe that to one who loves, nothing seems impossible. Happy the soul on whom God has bestowed this peace. It has thereby become sovereign over all the trials and dangers that the world can offer."


From 'Conceptions of the Love of God', chapter 3

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