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Fourth Sunday of Lent 2020

Posted on 22nd March, 2020


Pope Francis celebrating Holy MassThe following is a short extract from ‘The Holy Spirit, Lord and Giver of Life’ which one of our sisters thought to be very applicable to the current situation of most of us only being able to make a Spiritual Communion. It is about the Holy Spirit’s role of communion in the Eucharist and the Church.


‘A full recovery of the pneumatological aspect of the Eucharist could contribute to overcoming more easily the risk of limiting ourselves solely to the dimension of the presence of Christ, rather than to live Communion in all its richness as salvific action which contemplates all the mysteries of Christ. Also risky is an individualistic mentality which, in practice, reduces the Eucharist to communion only with Christ the head ignoring his body, which is the Church (see 1 Cor. 11:17-33). A “Communion” which is not a “communion” with the total Christ would be a flagrant contradiction of the very nature of the Eucharist, because the body of Christ is the Church and, at the same time, the sacramental body generates the mystical body.’


[Extract from ‘The Holy Spirit, Lord and Giver of Life’ (Chapter 7 – The Holy Spirit in the Liturgy, p116) prepared by the Theological-Historical Commission for the Great Jubilee of the Year 2000]

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