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The Extraordinary Month of Mission and Prayer for the Church

Posted on 27th October, 2019


A Prayer for The Church on Earth    by St John Henry Newman

Baptized and Sent - The Extraordinary Missionary Month


Be with your missionaries in pagan lands, put right words into their mouths, prosper their labours, and sustain them under their sufferings with Thy consolations, and carry them on to their reward in heaven. Give the grace of wisdom to those in high station, that they may neither yield to fear, nor be seduced by flattery. Give your blessing to all preachers and teachers, that they may speak your words and persuade their hearers to love you. Be with all faithful servants of yours, whether in low station or in high. Teach us, one and all, to live in your presence and to see you, our Great Leader and your Cross. Amen.

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