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Saturday of the Fourth Week of Lent

Posted on 6th April, 2019


Responsorial Psalm - Ps 7:2-3,9-12


Response: Lord God, I take refuge in you

  1. Put God FirstLord God, I take refuge in you.
    From my pursuer save me and rescue me,
    lest he tear me to pieces like a lion
    and drag me off with no one to rescue me.
  2. Give judgement for me, Lord;
    I am just and innocent of heart.
    Put an end to the evil of the wicked!
    Make the just stand firm,
    you who test mind and heart.
    O just God!
  3. God is the shield that protects me,
    who saves the upright of heart,
    God is a just judge, slow to anger;
    but he threatens the wicked every day.

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