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Tuesday of the Third Week of Lent

Posted on 26th March, 2019


From 'Walk with Me' for Lent 2019 - Living a Holy Life


He gives us two faces, or better yet, one alone: the face of God reflected in so many other faces. (Gaudate et exsultate 61)


Matthew 18:21-35

'I tell you not seven times, but seventy seven times.'

Lent sunrise


Resentment is human; forgiveness divine. Forgiveness is a wonderful idea until we have someone to forgive. Then it's not only hard but seemingly impossible. It kicks against the grain of our nature; we are more prone to hold grudges, nurse resentment and harden our hearts. We prefer sour grapes to the rich fruit of the Spirit. Why are we like this? It is because we are fallen, poor sinners, wounded by our own sin and the sin of others. Forgiveness is the work of God in our lives. We forgive by understanding that we are forgiven; we show mercy because we have received mercy, and our hearts become tender and open to others through tears of sorrow and the gift of repentance.


Lord, help me to forgive others as you have forgiven me.

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