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Our Chaplain

Posted on 18th September, 2016

Fr. Martin and our Extern Sister, Sr. Marie-ThereseHere at Wolverhampton Carmel we have been very blessed in the chaplains that have come to minister for our needs. The Chaplain’s role has been to celebrate the Sacraments for us, including daily Mass and weekly Benediction, and also the anointing of our sick, elderly and/or dying sisters. Our current Chaplain, Father Martin Pratt, also presides at Evening Vespers when he is here, and he shepherds the small congregation of the faithful who worship in our chapel. We have all benefitted tremendously from his knowledge and expertise and the great love he has for the liturgy. In July 2013 he was asked if he would write a brief history to introduce himself to readers of this blog, and he graciously agreed to do so. It is posted here, along with a couple of photos of him.

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